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Message from the Reverend Tim Bell

St Peter’s, Dyrham - Your Parish Church

St Peter’s nestles in one of the most beautiful of settings next to Dyrham Park House. Many could think that it is part of the National Trust but it is not. It is your Parish Church that has been a place of worship for over 700 years.

Sitting next to Dyrham House and literally connected to this National Trust property it has 1000s of visitors each year and comments in our visitors’ book give testimony that its visitors can sense its spiritual life. They can “feel” that it is not a museum of the past but a living place of worship.

Your Parish Church needs you! The faithful are few and aging which means financially we value your generosity which helps us keep St Peters open and well maintained. More important is why it is open. The Christian faith declares God reaches out to us in love. In St Peter’s we can meet God, worship, and learn more of God’s purpose for us.

We would always give you a warm welcome and are open to your suggestions as to how St Peter’s can be more relevant to you.

Rev Tim Bell

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