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04 Dec

Dyrham Defib Theft

The defibrillator housed in Dyrham's telephone box in Lower Street is missing, presumed stolen. Residents nearby noticed it had gone earlier in the week.

28 Oct


Our local charity, PAWS-GIST, has been awarded the National Cancer Research Institute's Collaboration Excellence Award for 2019. Jayne Bressington, vice chair GIST Support UK and Patient Director PAWS-GIST, is hoping this award will make her organisation more visible to researchers interested in fields related to PAWS-GIST. More information ... Link

03 Sep

VH Vandalism

A second bollard has been removed from the pavement outside the Village Hall. A VH trustee when interviewed said each one cost over £400 to replace. Criminal damage is suspected as this is the second occasion of identical vandalism and the bollard was removed from the site. The decision to install the bollards was made on safety grounds and passed through SGC Planing Permission without local objections. The police will be informed. Previously the area was used to park farm vehicles without consent.


Dyrham Traffic Sign

Following an articulated vehicle getting stuck by mistake on the twisty part of Sands Hill, residents appealed for signs to prevent a recurrence. Unfortunately, the siting of the one in the village was approved, apparently without consultation with the residents. SGC has now agreed to re-site this sign and, as a bonus, to modernise other local traffic signs.

29 Aug

Community Fund

The Community Fund administered by the Parish Council has reached more than £32,000.

29 Aug

Dyrham Park Developments

Dyrham Park is preparing plans to cope with an expected 350,000 visitors over the next few years, up from 260,000 visitorsin 2018-19. Plans have been published ... Link ... and planning permission has been applied for for the first part of the project ... Link. Dyrham residents are concerned about more traffic at the Sands Hill/A46 junction and passing through the village, and about more noise. They have met with the NT to discuss issues.

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