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15 Feb

Stuck Truck

An articulated delivery lorry got stuck between the houses on lower Sands Hill after it missed the intended, un-named, turning. The driver couldn't reverse, so, eventually the contents had to be unloaded before it could be moved. Sands Hill was paralysed for several hours. Police were in attendance. Authorities present at the site now realise the signage for HGVs at the top of Sands Hill is inadequate and smaller delivery trucks are needed in future for local deliveries ... Link

15 Feb

Confusing Signage

For some weeks now there have been "Road Closed" signs on the two ends of the Pucklechurch - A46 road, and at the Ring O'Bells junction. However the road from Hinton to Pucklechurch remains open most of the time. This is confusing for all users of this road. Signs should mean what they say, otherwise can  waste users time and be dangerous. Should our leaders have acted??

13 Feb

Residents Honoured

Congratulations to residents Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Wooley who were awarded a BAFTA for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema at the Awards Ceremony last week. See it at ... Link .. or all of it on CatchUp.

05 Feb

Police Swoop

Dyrham residents were disturbed by five police cars arriving at speed in Dyrham at the weekend. It is rumoured they were pursing an armed gang or checking out a report of one.

03 Feb

Village Hall Bollard Busted

Story ... Link.  Photos ... Link

03 Feb

Dyrham Park Car Park Approved

SGC Planning has approved Dyrham Park's temporary car park. Permission runs to 30 September 2022. No parishioners commented. Please note village meeting re further DP developments.  ... Link

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