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Parish Council Elections 2019

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The Parish Council Election will be held on Thursday 2nd May. Voting will be in the Parish Hall.

An election will be held if anyone other than the existing Parish councillors applies or one of them wants to stand down.

If you wish to apply you will have to get your skates on … Link.

Things to consider:

1. If you think the current parish councillors have done a good job over the past four years.

2. If you think you have more to offer our community.

3. If you consider your candidacy might have the support of sufficient number of residents and whether they will come out to vote for you. It would help if you are popular in your community (not always a prerequisite) and have a good reason for standing.

4. What being a councillor means apart from about six meetings a year in the Village Hall … Link

You need to understand the process of “nomination” … Link

Then you need to apply by getting and filling out a nomination form and asking two residents to propose you … Link; Link

You need to hand your nomination in by 3rd April.