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The creation of the Dyrham and Hinton Parish Plan was inaugurated in 2013, supported by South Gloucestershire Council and the Dyrham and Hinton Parish Council. Both councils provided grants to enable an independent group of volunteers, the Parish Plan Steering Group, to be formed. The Steering Group has spent hundreds of hours creating, distributing and analysing questionnaires to all parishioners. It subsequently created and distributed to all households the actual plan in 2015, which contained an action plan to improve the parish. Since then the Steering Group and other co-opted volunteers have gone on to carry out most of the actions.

Some four years after publication, the Steering Group now feels that it is an appropriate time to record their achievements, and to wrap up the formal activity. A small residue of the grants remains, and will be donated to the Parish Council Community Fund for the benefit of the parish. The associated document - Dyrham and Hinton Parish Plan Results (2019) - records the status of each activity in the Parish Plan Action List.

The archive of Parish Plan documents will be held by John Miller (0117 9372986).

  Parish Plan Results May 2019 … Link