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Dear Reader

Welcome to the Dyrham & Hinton Website.

This website was started in February 2011 to serve the community by:

The webmaster is “WebEd”.

“EdWeb Corp”is the publisher.

The website runs on a staff of one and at no expense to the residents of the parish.

This website is independent and will speak up for residents when necessary.

Sometimes, EdWeb feels it necessary to express an opinion. If so, it will be printed in red!

EdWeb is always looking for contributions from residents about anything, especially news, forthcoming events and reports of events. Sharing information is an important way of helping to cement a community.

Communication within the Parish:

D&H Website is one way of communicating with residents. The Parish News, published by the local churches, is another. Distribution of the Parish News is supported by EdWeb Corp as not everyone has a computer and everyone needs to be informed.